About Us

Luxury LPC was founded by Irene Eddie alias (Airin) with the vision of Luxury as Excellence, Elegance and High Professionalism. She has a vast of experience in Hotelier, Mice &Congress, High profile of Customer Specialization and recognized experience in Luxury Fashion Industry. All the named experiences have a privileged relationship to make LPC one of the most experienced Concierge Agent in the market. 

Aimed to  deliver something which truly goes extra mile and turns the customers’ expectations and dreams into reality are the key qualities of Irene. All done with a Smile! She’s considered as a Service Artist.

Your international strategy consultant

Luxury LPC is your international strategy consultant. Even as the world becomes more decentralized politically and physically, customers, devices, services, processes, and businesses continue to integrate digitally. The simultaneous rise of economic nationalism and digital globalization is redefining the international business landscape. 

Why Us?

We help companies adapt their products, approaches, and business models to the new global reality. Companies must take a more nuanced approach to identifying and creating growth opportunities.


  • Enhancing brand positioning
  • Optimizing product portfolios
  • Redesigning optimal products, services, or experiences
  • Innovating new products, services, or experiences

Global marketing entails packaging your products to meet a universal marketplace’s needs and preferences. It involves creating, consolidating, positioning, and promoting your products and services, focusing on global consumers.

From the founder

LPC is a leader in global luxury lifestyle services. It offers crème de la crème access to the more glamorous side of life, with a bespoke, highly personal approach to your every wish and whim.

Lpc luxury has pioneered the concept of lifestyle management and Consultancy Services, built around the singular proposition of bestowing back upon our customers

Our Values
Our Mission
Our Vision





We look to redefine luxury by offering affordable but  breathtaking luxury experience,


To be a leader in affordable luxury experience.

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